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Channeling Complexity
Companies are dealing with increasing amounts of complexity. Sometimes it's the good variety, wherein a large business derives value from multiple product lines or diverse units.

By outsourcing the analysis and presentation of your data, you tell us what you want to know and after signing a non-disclosure agreement we plunge into your data for a thourough and comprehensive analysis. We will then provide you with the best visual representation of it so that you and your company can take advantage of every bit information and improve your business experience.

What can we do for you?
Companies must deal with complexity by understanding how data and information affects the way each person and department reacts. An in-depth analysis of some of the business variables can discover where problems exist in the organization, but also where the potential exists to add efficiency and make better informed decisions. We use the state of the art discoveries in science to discover hidden knowledge in your business operation and make evident the information that will provide you with the best tools to make decisions. By leaving the responsability on us you focus on your business.
Who we are?
A team of math-oriented people with backgrounds in logic, computer science and economics and experience in linguistics, data mining, knowledge discovery and financial markets, among others. People behind Neomesis hold a masters or PhD degree in math or computer science with several years of experience in business and technology.
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We use state of the art science technology to deliver our solutions. We use Mathematica© as main platform. Some of the team members have contributed to the Mathematica core language.
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We use the most sophisticated latest tools and techniques discovered in academia in order to find patterns in your data with an eye to understanding your current business state and improving your business performance in the future.

Our portfolio of services includes data processing, data formatting, data cleansing, data curation, infonomics, analytics, data visualization, infographics, and responsible financial consultancy using algorithmic tools for risk management and option pricing. Read more


Infonomics & Analytics
You wonder "If you had seen something coming sooner, you could have acted faster, decreased your risk and enhanced your opportunities?" We put the company knowledge in the hands of its people.
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Data visualization
The key to is to reveal knowledge and information in the best possible way so that you can take the best business decision based in the information you have and the data you see generating business knowledge. Read more

Financial tools

We've developed tools based in the theory of algorithmic information rather than taking the traditional stochastic approach. This allows to take into consideration the information assimilation process in the market and do more responsible and learned predictions.

We apply these principles of responsability in risk assessment to other social and technological areas.
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